Hand in hand together you walk through life – Đỗ Tùng

June 7, 2016 (TM)


Ngày hôm kia đám cưới con gái nên mình phải đọc “diễn văn”. Theo thông lệ thì trong bài diễn văn có phần nói về “advice on marriage” và mình đã làm một bài thơ tặng con gái
Đỗ Tùng
Victoria, Canada, June 6, 2016

Hand in hand together you walk through life
Loving and caring as husband and wife.
But like everything else on this ground
Marriage has ups and downs.

Truly enjoy the up-time
Patiently handle the down-time.

Understanding is the key,
Don’t take it lightly,
Know your partner’s perspectives,
Tolerance will make it easy.

Listen well with open heart and open mind
“With heart one can see things right
Things that are invisible to the eyes”
Any misunderstandings, away they fly.

Today is yours to be cherished and retold
Memories that never get old.
Now we raise our glasses and wish you both
All the best and love and happiness that grow…

tung va con gai
Father and daughter. Photo: DoTung

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