East Virginia – On her breast she wore white lilies

Oct 7, 2016 (TM)

Không biết tên của người mình yêu, chỉ biết trên ngực của cô có cài bông huệ trắng.

Bài dân ca vùng Virginia Appalachian ngốc nghếch mộc mạc tôi nghe mãi thời còn đi học trên cuộn băng magnetophon, thời của Joan Baez xa xưa mà đến bây giờ vẫn không ai sánh được giọng hát và tiếng guitar mưa rào bất hủ.

Tống Mai
Virginia, Oct 7, 2016

East Virginia
Folk song
Joan Baez

I was born in east Virginia
North Carolina I did roam
There I met a pretty fair maiden
Her name and age I do not know

Her hair it was of a bright some color
And her lips of a ruby red
On her breast she wore white lilies
There I longed to lay my head

Well in my heart you are my darling
And at my door you’re welcome in
At my gate I’ll meet you my darling
If your love I could only win

I’d rather be in some dark holler
Where the sun refused to shine
Than to see you another man’s darling
And to know that you’ll never be mine

Well in the night I’m dreaming about you
In the day I find no rest
Just the thought of you my darling
Sends aching pains all through my breast

Well when I’m dead and in my coffin
With my feet turned toward the sun
Come and sit beside me darling
Come and think on the way you done

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