Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh và Quantum Physics

(Đồ Tùng góp nhặt và giới thiệu) – Sept 24, 2014 (TM)
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Nếu hiểu “quantum physics” thì sẽ thấy khái niệm “sắc không”, “vô thường” dễ hiểu hơn.
The Paralells: The Quantum Entanglement

Einstein did not take well to quantum theory and in 1935 he and his few fellow physicists wrote a paper under the name “EPR”.
And their attempt to disprove the quantum theory not only did they further validify, but they came across another strange feature of quantum physics – quantum entanglement.When two particles interact with each other they become what is called entangled – developing a special connective relationship with each other. Now when one of these particles are affected say by measurement or observation, one particle will reflect the exact same trait as the other instantaneously no matter how far apart they are – across the room or acres the universe.Einstein found this so strange that he later termed it “spooky action at a distance.”To understand how strange this really is. Let’s imagine you and your friend two basketballs that have become entangled.Regardless of how far each of you travel from one another each of your basketball would instantaneously reflect anything either you did to them. This can happen feet away, miles away or hundreds lights of away.In fact, entangled particles seem to behave one object rather than two-three or many separate objects that they appear to be. Thus explaining the strange action at a distance. No matter where they position in space and time, these two particles remain forever interconnected.If now we go back to the singularity before the Bing Bang in which our entire universe was condensed into a point smaller than an atom, we realize all matter and energy that we experience right now has and always will be entangled or interconnected. Quantum entanglement seems to point to a true oneness within the universe.

The Quantum Field

We exist within the sea of energy that connects all atoms, from the atoms that are arising to make this video to the atoms in the birth of star across the universe.

The field that these atoms arise from that spread out all space and time in interconnected web.

The quantum field is the web that connects all life, energy, matter and existence into a single system. Everything we experience has a single interconnected source.

Mind and Reality

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.“ The Buddha.

In Buddhism and many other mystic traditions, the mind is a center of reality. It is not just a part of reality but is the very thing that creates it similar to how our dreaming mind creates our dream worlds.

The idea of the world being outside of our mind and the world separate from us is something Eastern traditions consider incorrect.

In reality all is the mind. Nearly 2,500 years after the Buddha, quantum physicists seem to have stumbled upon to the same truth.

“All matter originates and exists only by a virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of the matter.” Max Planck – the Founder of Quantum Physics.

The Parallels: Uncertainty Principle

The famous German Quantum physicist, Werner Heisenberg, realized that by simply observing the atomic world we were affecting it.

He realized that it is impossible to know both the electrons velocity (speed) and location at the same time. As soon as electrons speed measured it simply does not have a well-defined location in space.

And as soon as the electrons location is measured it does not have a well-defined speed. He called this ‘the uncertainty principle.’

“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” Werner Karl Heisenberg

This happens not the limits of our perception or measuring devices, but rather points to very mirage like quality of electrons. Conscious observation is connected with the event that is observing and actually defines it locational momentum.

Reality is defined by the mind that is observing it. The Physicist John Wheeler considered the observer such a crucial aspect of quantum theory that he suggested that the term should actually to be replaced with the term participator.

Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment originally created to test the nature of light, revolutionized quantum physics in a way we understand reality.

The experiment involved the device that propels particles through slits and records where they land on the other side of the barrier. What the physicists found was astounding.

Particles that were once thought to be solid were behaving like waves. And how they behaved was depended upon whether or not they being observed.

When unobserved the particles took on a state of superposition or infinite potential. While when observed particles take a well-defined locations within finite possibility.

If we were to theoretically do this experiment with baseballs, when watching baseballs passing through the slits we would see them land at a well-defined location on the other side.

When not watching the baseballs passing through slits we would see an interference patterns. In other words, when not watched the baseballs behaved like waves going through the slits simultaneously.

It is not until your mind or consciousness defined the baseballs’ position that they even had one. This experiment has been done thousands of times with the same results and it has been done with particles as big as Carbon 80 molecules.

The reality does not exist without the mind that is defining it.

Without the mind the reality exists only as infinite potential. Quantum physicists have now stumbled upon what mystics have been saying over 2,000 years that reality is the projection of the mind.

Conclusions and Implications

The lines between science and spirituality have been become inevitable blurred; The concepts interchangeable, our inquiry into science, our attempt to gravitate from all spiritual, religious, mystical has inevitable left us at the doorway in human history.

The doorway that could provide the paradigm shift into a new self-realized civilization, casting aside the dogmas of yesterday, embracing a new world vision and creating the mythology for the 21 century.

To make this transition we must be willing question, we must be willing to break apart the very foundations of our own believe systems, we must be willing to engage in an open-minded inquire into the true nature of reality.

The implications are profound and ultimately in our hands because the true change can only happen within ourselves.

For the sake of all those before us and all those after may we awaken to a new global vision that sees no hatred, but love, no division, but unity and not conflict, but compassion.”


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  1. From: Tống Mai
    Sept 19, 2014

    Câu cuối trong bài anh Tùng gởi cũng chỉ đưa đến một simple truth:

    “For the sake of all those before us and all those after may we awaken to a new global vision that sees no hatred, but love, no division, but unity and not conflict, but compassion.”

    1. Câu nớ chỉ là một ước mơ của tác giả bài đó, không dính dáng chi đến quantum physics hết.

      Quantum physics giải thích được những hiện tượng ở sub-atomic level (building blocks của universe) mà Newtonian physics không giải thích được, như trường hợp entangled atoms/electrons, observer effect, light vừa là waves vừa là particles, v.v..

      1. From: LCHoang
        Sept 19, 2014

        Ôn Tùng ni từ từ thấy cũng hơi bị lẩm cẩm rồi.

        Người ta bàn về Bát Nhã Tâm kinh, Ôn đem Vật lí Lượng tử ra để so sánh. Tới khi người ta đồng í với đúc kết của tác giả. Ôn lại la là nói rứa không đúng, không hiểu chi về Vật lí Lượng tử!

        Thiệt tình là Ôn.
        Hay là tại mấy bữa ni ngồi nhà lục hình cũ ra coai nhớ quá khứ vàng son mà tâm thần bất ổn.

        Nhưng trong tuần rồi thấy bác ngon lành quá nên dẫu sao cũng theo đánh giá trung thực của mình, bầu bác là man of the week. (Nhờ mấy tấm hình cũ đó nghe)

        Giải thì đã trao rồi:
        MNguyệt trao giải tinh thần …
        nước đường của Cai tui.
        Chanh + đá cục của bác Thuận.
        Thành thủ khỏi phải trao chi nữa hết.


  2. From: Tống Mai
    Sept 19, 2014

    Anh Tùng không lẩm cẩm đâu anh Hoằng. Ý niệm nhị nguyên trong Bát Nhã và Quantum Physics đi song song nhưng Mai chỉ muốn nhắm đến mục đích của Bát Nhã khi nói đến nhị nguyên, Mai không nghĩ lạc đề đâu.

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